Cable Tie
Cable Tie
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Combi cable tie, made of nylon, has a flexible tape section with teeth that engage with a pawl in the head to form a ratchet so that as the free end of the tape section is pulled the cable tie tightens and does not come undone.



High Quality

Flexible and Tough


Easy to use



4"(100MM) X 2.5MM - 100PCS PER BAG

6"(150MM) X 3.6MM - 100PCS PER BAG

8"(200MM) X 4.8MM - 100PCS PER BAG

10"(250MM) X 4.8MM - 100PCS PER BAG

12"(300MM) X 4.8MM - 100PCS PER BAG

             15.2" X 4.8MM - 100 PCS PER BAG